WESTRUX TERMS: Parts & Service invoices are due upon receipt of Statement. Invoices for Rental and Fuel are due upon receipt of INVOICE Interest will be assessed at the rate of 1½% per month on past due accounts, however it is not intended that payment of interest will be an alternative to prompt payment of amounts due.

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REFERENCES: In addition to contracts and notes, please list all open accounts such as repair shops, truck tires, fuel & supplies, etc.

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    I (we) herby certify that all statements in this application are true and complete and are made for the purpose of securing credit from you. If this application is approved, I (we) agree to pay for all charges in accordance with terms set forth above. In the event it becomes necessary for Westrux to incur collection costs or institute suit to collect any amount due under this agreement, the undersigned promises to pay such additional costs, including interest and reasonable attorney’s fees. Westrux has the right to terminate this agreement and/or limit the amount of credit extended to me (us) at any time.


    For and in consideration of WESTRUX INTERNATIONAL, INC. a Delaware Corporation, Creditor, granting credit to the applicant described on the reverse side hereof, Debtor, the undersigned, individually, jointly and severally, agree to personally guarantee payment for all credit extended by Westrux International, Inc. to Debtor in the event legal action is necessary to enforce collection, foreclosure or otherwise, the undersigned further aggress to be responsible for attorney fees, court and other related costs that may be incurred. It is expressly stipulated that any action, other than foreclosure or lien, may be filed in Los Angeles County or Orange County at Creditor’s option.

    Each purchase or charge shall serve to reaffirm this Agreement. My signature on this application authorizes any of the banks and references listed or any credit bureau to provide Westrux International, Inc. with their credit experience or CONSUMER CREDIT INFORMATION that may be requested by Westrux International, Inc.

    If applicant is a Corporation, customer authorizes Westrux International, Inc. to obtain a Consumer Credit Report for individual Principals shown on the reverse side. It is understood such consumer credit information may be utilized in the consideration of this application.

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