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If you’ve got a job to do, International® DuraStar® will help you get it done. That’s because in the world of medium-duty trucks, DuraStar is the one truck that has always delivered. It goes beyond efficiency, durability and driver satisfaction. DuraStar also has a well-earned reputation for adaptability, an ability to handle just about any task.

Whether it’s towing cars off the highway in a snowstorm, repairing downed power lines, or racing to a fire, DuraStar is a rugged performer that always answers the call. The success of your business depends on a truck that performs efficiently. Which is why DuraStar® was designed from the ground up to run effectively, for maximum productivity.



Keep the shelves stocked and look good doing it. That’s why you depend on the International® DuraStar.™ It’s the ideal truck to represent any brand you’re hauling. And it does so dependably. With the proven power of MaxxForce® diesel engines under the hood, you’ll never miss a delivery. Plus, it’s attractively designed, so you hit the road with a look that works harder to enhance your image.

Westrux International is committed to helping you stay dependable, and that means reliability across the board.


You and your crew count on one another to be dependable. Count on your truck to do the same. The International® DuraStar™ is here to help you work in more ways than one. First, MaxxForce® diesel engines are well prepared to throw their weight around. Tough. Dependable. An engine that’s ready to work, so you can too. And, there’s the Diamond Logic® Electrical System, a multiplexing technology that provides control and communication between the truck, the driver and mounted equipment, so you’re on the job…and more productive.

Westrux International is committed to helping you stay dependable, and that means reliability across the board.


In this line of work, performance isn’t just a benefit, it’s an absolute must. That’s why the International® DuraStar™ is outfitted with MaxxForce® diesel engines-reliable, tough, durable, offering up plenty of performance and fuel economy. And with synchronized and extended service intervals, you’ll be ready to answer the call every time, never missing a beat.

You’ve made a commitment-a pledge to protect your community. Because you’re on call day and night, without fail, there’s simply no room for unexpected downtime. That’s why International is dedicated to helping you honor your commitment with unmatched reliability and durability.


You take care of the community, and that means you keep it moving. That’s why you drive an International® DuraStar.™ With its synchronized and extended service intervals, the DuraStar helps you get the most out of every day on the job. That means you can finish the project on time and be ready for the next.

When you’re at the service of an entire community, there’s no telling what you’ll be doing tomorrow. You have to be ready for anything at any time, which is why Westrux is committed to preparing you for the unpredictable.


You’re in the growth business: plants, trees, and profits. That’s why you turn to the International®DuraStar.™ It’s committed to working as hard as you, ready to perform all day, and all season. With the new fuel-efficient MaxxForce® 7 diesel engine now offering reduced noise output by 71% while idling, you’ll be ready for work in the quietest neighborhoods or side streets.

Westrux International knows that the only way to keep everyone happy is with reliable and efficient service designed to keep the customers satisfied, and your bottom line where it needs to be. So we build in features that get it done.

Pickup & Delivery

If you’re not on the road, you’re losing money. Which is why you put your trust in the International® DuraStar.™ Outfitted with MaxxForce® diesel power to set new levels of fuel efficiency and reliability, you’ll never miss a beat. And you’ll get around easier too, with a set back front axle for better handling and a tighter turning radius. So the pavement takes a pounding, not your profits.

You live your life by a strict schedule that cannot be broken. Deadlines don’t leave room for unexpected downtime, and neither should you. That’s why International® is committed to keeping you on the road, and on your time.


People depend on you to perform at your best, you should be able to expect the same from your truck. That’s why the International® DuraStar™ has been outfitted with the new line of MaxxForce® diesel engines, offering unmatched fuel efficiency and reliability. Plus, its low profile stance makes getting in and out far easier. So you’re working smarter, while your truck works harder.

You’ve committed your time and resources to helping others in need. You’re only as good as your word, which is why International is here to help you deliver on that promise, in every way possible.


Whether you’re installing new electrical lines or getting the power back up after a big storm, you need a truck that’s ready for anything. With the International® DuraStar™ and DuraStar Hybrid, you can add fuel-efficiency and reduced engine emissions to day-in, day-out dependability. Both are designed and built to serve the needs of the owner, driver and maintainer--and at the same time maximizing your bottom line. It’s an imperfect world, and someone has to step up to fix things from time to time. Your job doesn’t come with a schedule, and that’s why International® wants to your truck prepared for any situation that comes your way.


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