• Ranked WESTRUX Number 5 in US!

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Westrux is proud to announce our dealerships inclusion into the Fueloyal Top Ten International Dealership rankings for 2018! Fueloyal’s CEO and founder Jurica Magoci ranked Westrux as number 5 in their rankings of industry leaders in the US.

Hence, Westrux have deserved their place among the best dealers thanks to their commitment, both to providing exceptional services to their loyal customers and to each employee; because their employees are their biggest asset.

The leaders of Westrux are working in the direction of showing and giving encouragement to their employees, so that they can give their best at what they do.

Jurica Magoci, Fueloyal
Westrux is proud of this recognition as testament to our employees commitment to providing top services and parts to Southern California‘s trucking industry. For almost 30 years we have been striving to bring industry leading innovation in fuel efficiency, emissions control and cutting edge engine technologies.

You can read more from the Fueloyal article HERE.

Ranked Number 5 International Dealership in US by Fueloyal